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Please note that When The Music Stops has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of When The Music Stops below, or check out the rest of the Speed Dating Websites we've reviewed.

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When The Music Stops Review

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It wouldn’t be unfair to say that folks in the UK aren’t necessarily the most outgoing people around. We can be reserved, especially until we know someone well. That makes it difficult to meet new people, especially people we might wish to date. Well, say hello to When the Music Stops, one of the UK’s leading speed dating websites which also runs events across the British Isles.

The service is made up of two key elements: online dating and speed dating events. The first allows you to build a profile, explore other members’ details, find out about events and chat. The live events are where you meet up in person, usually in larger groups where you mix and mingle, going on 5 minute dates with a variety of people.

We were particularly happy to see just how much effort goes into each event. Many of them are set up and run by locals, you if you’re new to an area it’s a great way to get a feel for your new town or city. This also means that the venues have been picked by someone who knows what’s around, so chances are, the place ought to cater to the event’s needs.

You can go to a lot of different kinds of events, paying for them in advance through the website. These events include pub meet-ups, dinner parties, black tie events, themed dates, dances and more. Hopefully, you can find something which you enjoy, otherwise you could earn a bit of cash and arrange your own event!

Whilst you can book events for free online, you’ll get the most from the website if you decide to become a paying member. Fees are reasonable, if a little on the high end. Becoming a paying member means you can use all of the site’s communication tools, including the profile pages, searches and chat options. This allows you to speak with a member before you go on the dates, or to contact them after you’ve met. 

A new and interesting addition to the site is the Singles Holidays. You can check out a range of pre-planned holidays away, each designed to help singles meet and have a good time. You can also join the WTMS team by opening your own franchise, details for which are provided on the site. 

There are also a few other interesting additions, such as 1 on 1 advice from a dating professional, a monthly newsletter and matching choices. You can have the system pick dating matches for you based on the information you’ve provided, or ask for a team member to make recommendations. You can also buy gift vouchers to encourage your friends to come along and share in the dating fun!

We feel that the major drawback to WhenTheMusicStops is its prices. They may be a bit too high for some people when everything is added up. At £17.99 per month to become a member, plus a potentially-high cost per event, plus drinks and extras, it could become unaffordable for some people. However, you can pick and choose what you do, so there are plenty of options to suit a variety of budgets.

The site is also not always the easiest to navigate, and it can take a few minutes to learn where different elements are, how to book an event, edit your profile and so on.

Still, there’s a lot to like here, so if you’re looking to meet single people in the UK, this site is worth a second look.

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Please note that When The Music Stops has now been discontinued.

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