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Daters beware...
01 December 2018
Reviewer: Angel from NJ

33 of 63 people found this review helpful

Pre-dating speed dating is the last place I would recommend to anyone who is single. First thing is that they are expensive..30 bucks, and you get nothing. No appetizer’s and not even one drink. The event I went to in Philadelphia was held in a dive bar,on an off night during mid-week, so I’m pretty sure they were not even charged for using the spot. That bar was glad just to have the extra customer’s! The event consisted of only 4 females, myself included, and only 5 males. One of the men I met was married, so I’ll say 4 available men. Because of the poor turnout the woman running the event promised us all a free pass to another event in the next 2 months. Needless to say she lied, because I never got anything from her. Also after the event, they sent me an mail saying that I had a match, and then 2 minutes later, I received another email stating that there was a systems glitch, and I had no matches. I had tried to email the woman running the event, but her email is blocked. No suprise there. These people are unprofessional, and overpriced.... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Pre-Dating to a friend.

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What a waste of an hour and 20 bucks
19 September 2013
Reviewer: Ripped Off from Gainesville, FL

205 of 388 people found this review helpful

I originally signed up with pre-dating.com for the September 2013 event in Gainesville, Florida because I wasn't having any luck meeting the women I would want to spend the rest of my years with. When I signed up, it was easy to register and it clearly explained where to go and when to get there. Also luckily I had gotten a 5 dollar discount for the fees, but that is where the pleasant experience ends. First of all, their guarantee of getting matches or the next event is free is a big scam, because they only do it if you and the other person doesn't match, and they clearly disregard how you feel about someone. Second, there were only 4 women that showed up for the 8 guys that showed up, instead of the 12 that were supposed to come. I understand the company can't control that, but I feel when that happens they should give an automatic free pass to the next event. Next, my age is 28, and the age range for the event I attended was 27-35. Well low and behold I learned later that one of the only 4 women... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Pre-Dating to a friend.

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Had Fun at Pre-Dating Speed Dating
10 March 2012
Reviewer: Brett from Atlanta, GA, USA

177 of 361 people found this review helpful

Had a great time at a recent Pre-Dating speed dating event. The organizer was warm and upbeat, made me feel at ease. Event was completely full, which was great, more people for me to meet. Quality of people was above average compared to other types of things I've attended. Venue was popular and cool but a bit louder than I'd prefer, guess that's to be expected when it's a popular place.

No company is perfect and no event host is perfect all the time. I always like to check online for reviews but know that for every less than optimal experience someone has who takes time to write a review, there's usually a ton more people who had a good time and didn't write anything. All I can say is I have tried a couple other companies and chose Pre-Dating because they have been around a very long time and are the largest speed dating company with events in many cities so I figured they knew what they were doing. My experience was excellent, better than any other company I've tried and I'd go back and I do recommend them highly.

In summary, I would recommend Pre-Dating to a friend.

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Pre-Dating Speed Dating
21 February 2012
Reviewer: Too frightened to say from Tuscan, AZ

192 of 389 people found this review helpful

Where do I begin! I'd let them keep the $32 if I could get the hour and a half of my life back that I wasted there!! It was the Tuscan event Tuesday January 24. Dean was the coordinator.

It took several phone calls to have someone finally return my call, when almost 2 weeks later, I still had not had results emailed to me. One which turned out to be a Psycho stalker who said he was a Physician. Really? I was terrified to contact any of the other ones after the 1st one!!

When I complained, I was told that the emails get sent out at one time and sometimes the get caught in spam filters. "But, if I told my friends about the next event coming up, we could both save a couple dollars." Get lost! Not only is it very unprofessionally managed and coordinated, I had to change my email address to make the 'stalker' go away. When the reply was- "NOT INTERESTED," he used a different email address! Girls, dont waste your time. The pick was pathetic. You're sure to meet at least one married stalker! They guarentee you'll have at least one contact or... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Pre-Dating to a friend.

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01 February 2012
Reviewer: Glenn from Los Angeles

192 of 383 people found this review helpful

A friend and I tried www .pre-dating.com. we enjoyed the event itself, but our experience after the event was horrible. Julia was the coordinator of the event.

It took us two weeks to get the results. We called the coordinator to see what was happening.

First the coordinator claimed our email addresseswere wrong. However we registered online and that information was furnished to to the coordinator along with our phone number.

She then claimed the emails must be in our spam folder. They were not, but I did find an email from her.

Both my friend and I had little faith that the results were accurate. We felt the coordinator was very sloppy with how she handled things and wonder if she handled the results the same way.

In an effort to make the situation right they offered my friend and me 2 free events. When we tried to take them up on the offer, they wanted to charge one of us $15. That is not a way to satisfy customers.

In summary, I would not recommend Pre-Dating to a friend.

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